he would never be able to ride it..

Yesterday he sent me a photo of his sitting on a motorcycle -the motorcycle which he had bought from his own income and looking at the photo I was upset.For the first time I felt sad for someone’s achievements.I was upset because though he was sitting on his own new motorcycle,he would never be able to ride it !
My mind ran long distances back to the day when I first met him.
About two years ago,my phone rang.Picking up this unknown call,an unfamiliar voice said,” Hello, this is Pravin here.”He requested me to help him for his upcoming banking exams.Within a minute or two,his unfamiliar voice sounded like a brotherly figure to me and since then I call him Pravin Dada(Brother).With my positive gesture to his request he explained me the subjects in his exams and made me familiar with the exam details.
Then on the day of exam,he called me 4-5 times since morning and then two times when I was on my way to the centre.I am not accusing him for calling me continuously,but in fact it showed his punctuality and moreover he was dependent on me that day,so no issues.
I spotted him near the main gate.He asked me to fill two forms-one my details and other his.These forms needed his documents like PAN card,medical certificate,hall ticket,etc.He handed me the exact document from his file.Strange,we randomly file up documents and then search for the exact one:of course it just takes two minutes to search for the exact one,but how systematic Pravin dada was to arrange them in a specific order and then remembering that order along with the number of xerox copies filed in.
Then we headed towards the exam hall.I held his hand and we climbed up the stairs step by step.We had a short talk before the exam started and there I learnt that he was a graduate who loves reading books and listening to classical music and worked as a proof reader for his living.
Exam started;English,General knowledge,Logical reasoning were easy,like I would narrate him the questions and he would answer them.Then came Quantitative aptitude(Maths).Maths personally is my favourite subject but at least I need a paper and pen to solve simple interest,compound interest,word problems series and sequence etc.But Pravin dada did them all in his mind faster than a calculator.Hats Off !
Exam over,we came out,I was shocked to see him climbing down the stairs all by his own.Through his own calculations he was independent enough to do so.
I helped him in his exam; my work was done and so was his.But look at his manners he informed me about his exams being cleared,then later he getting a job in State Bank of India and then after a few months he informed me that he would be departing for Hyderabad for his 15 days training.
All these calls he made were not necessary as I was merely his guide for that one day but he was decent enough to make all those calls.
And then when yesterday he sent me his photo,I felt sad because though he had bought his own new motorcycle from his own income, he would never be able to ride it.
Because he is Visually impaired – Blind !


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